The London Lowdown: Series Finale

London Lowdown-The End

As the Olympics end, Tim and Scotty host the final London Lowdown podcast from the UK. The boys attended the U.S. men’s basketball team practice prior to their gold medal game and interviewed multiple players about what winning the gold would mean to them.


The London Lowdown: Episode III

Tim Dix and Scott Hutchinson are back for another installment of the London Lowdown podcast. Episode three features interviews with Olivia Arbogast and Kayla Hanley, who covered a U.S. men’s basketball team practice and U.S. women’s team practice, respectively. Tim and Scott discuss the highlight of the games so far as well as Tim’s experience at men’s table tennis.

The London Lowdown 3

The London Lowdown Podcast: Episode 2


Crowds enter Old Trafford stadium to see North Korea take on the United States.
Photo by Holly Moody

The London Lowdown Podcast: Episode 2

Scott Hutchinson and Tim Dix are back for a second installment of The London Lowdown podcast. This episode features updates from Scripps students Megan Hickok and Christopher Longo, who discuss their experiences covering an array of Olympic events over the past week.

Great Britain makes history at men’s gymnastic team final

Men’s Gymnastics Recap

Kayla Hanley and Melissa Wells speak about their experience covering the July 30 Men’s Gymnastic Team Final. Each spoke with fans from the audience to hear their reactions to the final results. China won gold, while Japan and Great Britain finished second and third respectively. This is the first time in the past 100 years that Great Britain has medaled in the team finals of Men’s Gymnastics. Several highly-touted teams, including the United States finished lower than expected. Although fans backed their home nations, watching Great Britain win bronze in front of a hometown crowd brought them to their feet in support.

(Podcast edited by Scott Hutchinson)